God is the answer to what you are looking

Did you know that Father God is a loving God who loves all people far more than we can imagine or understand? We are all precious in His sight. Even you are loved by God, you are no exception.

Every human being has an inherent desire to have someone you can look up to, someone who cares about you, someone to trust and someone you can talk to about everything in your life. That is an inherent desire in every human being, a desire for security, and trust that you can assign to someone who cares about you. A person who is always there when you need to talk about something, or just sitting in front of Him and enjoy a lovely community and trust that my Father in Heaven takes care of me in everything. It's just like with the kids, we all know that as children we were dependent on the parents, we knew we were safe together with them.

Father God is the answer to your desire, he wants you to come to Him and receive Him as your Heavenly Father. His Son, Lord Jesus Christ, has already arranged everything, he wants to guide you and introduce you to Father God. We can only come to God through His Son Lord Jesus Christ.

Life with God is not about being religious, or to perform different actions to be accepted by God. No, communion with God is not a religion, it is a relationship.

Jesus Christ is the way to God. He is the one who paid the price for your eternal fellowship with the Father God.

You can not "buy" fellowship with God just by living a righteous life. The Word of God, the Bible, says that we all have sin in our lives, so we must be born again. It is a transformation that takes place when we receive Jesus Christ as our Savior. The moment we receive Jesus Christ as God's gift to us, and invite Him to be Lord of our life, the transformation is done, we are born again.
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Born again

When one is born again, then the glorious life begins together with God. We give our lives to God when we receive Jesus Christ as our Savior. The relation is not only a relationship, God's Word says that we become children of God when we receive salvation in Jesus Christ, we become God's property. Now that we are God's property, then we also have benefits to receive. The Word of God tells us about what we have access to as a child of God.

As a child of God, we have a Father in Heaven who loves us, and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ now lives in our heart (our spirit ), and The Holy Spirit is our Comforter who guides us in everything. The Holy Spirit is here on earth, He knows everything about us, and everything that happens on earth, and He is our Helper.

Bible Reading

Learning God's Word, the Bible, is a necessity to live a Christian life. Without God's Word, we have nothing to "stand on". When we pray to God, we must always refer to any of the Word of God which is in alignment with what we ask for, for God responds only to His own words in the Bible. When we pray according to God's Word, we know we are doing right.

Knowledge of the Word of God is nourishment for your spiritual life, as much important as the food you eat is for your body.

God bless you
- Carlos