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An Angel appeared on the road in
Kauhava, Finland

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Beyond The Tunnel
By Sandro Rogério Martins dos Santos

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'Christ in the tree'
A lady photographed a tree in winter landscape.
This stunning image was the result
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A Divine Revelation of God's Amazing
 Unconditional Love For Us
By: Norm Rasmussen
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Surviving a suicide attempt
By Tamara Laroux

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I began screaming out to God, "God, forgive me." The gun went off. My lungs began to fill up with blood. I began to go deaf. My eyes were open, and I became blinded.  I knew that death was gripping my soul. Then all of a sudden I felt my soul leave my body.  I instantly began falling and falling.
Jenica Alanen had a life changing experience on the road.
I drove my car to visit my friend. Suddenly there was a huge angel in the middle of the road. I had to jump on the breaks and stop in the middle of the road. The angel said to me: "Repent, tomorrow is too late."
Sandro Santos had a life changing experience. He was a Christian, but he didn't live a fully committed life for Christ.
One day he became seriously ill, he left his body and was escorted to Hell and even to Heaven. Read this fantastic book and learn how to avoid similar situations in your life.