By Sandro Rogério Martins dos Santos
Part 2:4

That dark and weird being was at my left side again. But now I could see him facing me. He was a black shadow with a man shape. What happened next was very sudden. A very bright and shining light began to emanate from the feet of the shadow. The light began to go up until his leg. As the light was going up, an angelical being was appearing, an angel. The wings came out from his back. They were opened and looked like shining wings. A very bright light was emanating from that being. He was a perfect and illuminated angel, who was wearing a golden crown on his head. He had blond hairs that were clear like the silk. His body was covered only by a white cloth with the shape of a little skirt. I looked all around and I was surprised when I saw an army of angels. There were thousands and thousands of angels. They were all aligned, organized in battalions. There were so many angels that I could see them as far as my sight could reach. All the angels had their backs to me and they were armed, carrying a spear in their left hands. They were ready to a big war. Soon, I heard the voice of that angel, asking me: "Do you know who these ones are? They are angels of the Lord, who are preparing themselves for the war".

I immediately thought this strange. The Word of the Lord says specifically that the angels of the Lord are and always were ready for the battle. What also caught my attention were the spears in the hands of those angels. The Bible says that the angels of God were armed with swords, not with spears.

"But David could not go before it to inquire of God, because he was afraid of the sword of the angel of the LORD". (I Chronicles 21:30)

"They are armed with bow and spear; they are cruel and show no mercy. They sound like the roaring sea as they ride on their horses; they come like men in battle formation to attack you, Daughter Zion". (Jeremiah 6:23)

In that place, I began to see what my eyes did not want to see. So, I began to understand what was happening and who was, after all, the being so weird that was presenting all those things to me. I turned and I saw a big, strong and thick supporting pillar made of concrete. It was rising from the ground as far as the clouds. It seemed that that pillar was supporting something very huge in the heaven. The angel (I entitle him this way because he looked like an angel) opened his wings and began to flutter. When he went up, he caught me by my shoulders, the same way an eagle does when capturing a prey. He went, went up, as far as another heaven.

When we arrived at the presumed heaven, I saw a place full of very clear white clouds. There was a constant fog covering the ground. That angel began to going down with me and put me on the ground. When I stepped on that ground of clouds, my feet could overpass the clouds and I felt that I was stepping on earth, like a common ground. I thought it all very strange.

I noticed that, when the angel was walking, he stepped on the clouds without touching the ground. He soon went toward a big gate that was before me. He stopped walking and was waiting for a reaction from me. When I saw that big gate before me, I went toward there, so that I could see what was that. I was approaching and I saw a stairway in the middle of that fog on the ground. It was a stairway with few steps made of gold. I climbed the steps as far as to get closer the big gate, which was closed. The gate had an arc shape, like the gates of museums, but that arc was very beautiful and it glittered like gold. Behind the gate, and leaned against it, there was a translucent thin curtain. I could see everything that was in the other side. It was a fantastic view that was being presented to me. At a distance, I could see a big city made of pure and shining gold. I was so glad with that vision and soon I pondered: "It is the Holy City of God".

I had learned in the Word, and I had always heard about it, that eyes had not seen nor ear had heard the things which God had prepared for us. But it was there, so close, right in front of me... It was there... It was everything that I wanted to me. I was excited to open the gate and to go in there. But, when I tried to do that, the angel said very clearly to me: "Nooooo! Not yet! You cannot go in the city". And I asked: "Why not?" And the answer was emphatic: "Not yet!". When he perceived that I would not obey him and that I was coming near the gate, he abruptly stopped me. He got hold my arm with a great force and he jumped with me down. The fall was very real. I could feel the terrible fear of dying.

When I found myself, I was in a desert. That fall had taken me there. I was with my hands inserted in the hot sand. I felt the burning sun on my head. I was very thirsty and tired. Everything was too real. A feeling of abandonment in the hot desert was what I was felt. I desperately was trying to come back to my body that was in the living room of the house, but I could not. So, I perceived that my body was describing everything to the people who was there. It was a description of events from the spiritual world.

I remember that nothing was alive in that desert. There was nothing apart from sand and sun. I raised my head and I could see the image of a man at a distance. It seemed that he was coming near where I was. I could see that he was a man dressed in a robe that involved his body. His head was covered by a cloth, in the same style of the Bedouins and Arabs. When I looked at my side, I saw again the shadow that was accompanying me. It was there again and I was surprised with a question: "Do you know who that one is?" I said I did not know. So, the shadow gave me a precise answer: "He is Job. It was me who tempted him. Now you know who I am".

In that moment, there were no doubts anymore. I was in the company of the enemy of our souls, the usurper, the king of deception and lies. He was revealing himself to me in that moment. In the end of his phrase, I could see a chariot of fire being pulled by flaming horses coming down from heaven and going toward that man, who was at a distance. I saw that he went in the chariot and he was coming back to heaven. Immediately, I could make an obvious conclusion of everything. I was told that the man at a distance in the desert was Job. But the Word of God says that it was Elijah, the prophet of God, who was taken up to heaven in a whirlwind, by a chariot of fire. That is, it did not happen to Job, the faithful and righteous man.

"As they were walking along and talking together, suddenly a chariot of fire and horses of fire appeared and separated the two of them, and Elijah went up to heaven in a whirlwind". (II Kings 2:11)


In a heartbeat, in few seconds, I was taken out of the desert and I was taken into my father's home, in the city of Salinópolis, in Pará. I could see clearly everything that was happening in that place. In that time, only I and my mother were evangelical Christians. My father and my brothers did not have any commitment with God. My father had a bar in the site in front of our house. He always was in the company of my younger brother Sérgio, who helped him with the sales. Because they did not know the salvation in Jesus Christ, the family troubles were always happening. My father always drank alcoholic drinks too much and the dissensions in our house were inevitable.

In that moment, I saw myself fluctuating on my father's bar and, at my left side, I saw that shadow again. I could see clearly my brother Sérgio serving a beer to a client and, at his side, my father was standing. I was puzzled while seeing that scene: my father and my brother in that situation. I had no time to inquire something or to tell them something, because that diabolic being questioned me: "Is that one your father? Is he your father?" I was afraid and with a fury increasing inside of me. So, harshly and impolitely, I answered: "Yes, he is my father, he is my father". And, sarcastically and ironically, he laughed and said: "I will carry him with me, I will carry him".

I felt that I was stuck and I could not do anything. I was just disgusted and I screamed very loudly: "No, you will not carry him!" I continued repeating this statement, but what I was hearing as a response was just an ironic and frighten laughter. In that moment, the deceiving devil was just shaking me up with his accusations, since he has not the power to fulfill any of the words that he was saying to me. Years later, the Lord God Almighty operated miraculously on my brother Sérgio and, later, on my father, bringing salvation to both of them. It was very difficult to recover my father from the alcoholic drinks, because this always used to deviate him from God. However, the Lord never made mistakes and He knows how to operate and how to act in the life of each one of us.

Nowadays, my father is suffering from Parkson's disease. He is at home with faith, believing in the promises of the Lord and, today, the salvation of Jesus Christ is already something real in my father's life. I am sure that God has forgiven all his sins and that one day I will see him walking happily and without any disease in the Holy City, in the company of all my family. Every day, I pray for my brother Sílvio and for my sister Sílvia, who are not saved yet in Jesus Christ. I know that God's plan in their lives and in the lives of their relatives is tremendous. I believe that they will be there, too. It is just sufficient that they be aware and to believe from all their hearts and minds that the only way to free and to salvation is Jesus Christ.

"Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved - you and your household". (Acts 16:31)


Back to the spiritual events, after the ironic laughter, the dark devil that was at my side turned and said to me: "Ah! Now you know exactly who I am. Now that you Know, I will show everything to you". In a split second, when I found myself, I was fluctuating with that being in a huge basement. He was always at my left side and out of my vision. When I looked down, I was wonder. I saw something unimaginable. There was a real treasure: a mountain of wealth with gold, money, jewelries and works of art. Everything was well kept and hidden. When I looked forward, I saw clearly a man climbing a stairway. He was wearing the same clothes of the catholic priests: black pants and a robe. I was impressed with that scene. It seemed that he was turning back from a review in that place. It looked like he had gone there in order to see if everything was right there.

When the dark being saw that man, he immediately said: "Are you seeing that one? He is a drug trafficker and a corrupt. Are you seeing that treasure? It should be used to kill hunger of the children in Africa. But it is hidden here". Few months after these things had happened to me, a catholic priest was arrested due to drug traffic and corruption. After one more accusation of that being, he was angry. That diabolical being was full of anger. The following statement fell from his mouth: "Ah! Since we are here, I am going to carry you to the presence of the Pope and you will know everything". That seemed have no end. The session of accusations was about only to begin. When I found myself, I was in another place again. Everything was so real: the colors, the images, and the presence of the people. Everything was very, very real...

I was transported to the presence of the supreme Father of the Catholic Church: Pope John Paul II. He was sitting on his throne, wearing his white robe and with the mitre on his head. He was holding the staff, which is the symbol of the Catholic Church. By his face, he was worried. His head was bent over. It seemed he was wondering or reflecting about something. Our presence in that place could not be perceived. He could not see us, despite the fact that we were few meters away from him. The demonic shadow came close and was about one meter away from him. So, he began to point to his face and, in a loud and blaspheme tone, he began to say words with rage. I remember those words, which still are in my memories: "You want to change your church. But this is not possible anymore. I will carry many people with me..." The rage was dreadful. Rage and fury was coming from those words. And, in the other side, there was a mortal and defenseless being who could not prevent what was about to happen. Some months later, the media (TV) told the world that a new catholic group was gaining power, pressuring the church and bringing a new doctrine to the Catholicism: the charismatic renovation, which was growing up and the Catholic Church could not prevent it.

The Word of God says that only Jesus Christ can change the man and made him feel conscious of his sins. It is not enough to change the way we dress or some attitudes and keep doing the same things.

"If thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved". (Romans 10:9)

Although all of that was happening to me, I never forgot about the fact that one day I was a faithful servant who feared God, since the time I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior. I knew the reason why I was going through all of that was due to the fact that I had stopped of walking the right way with Jesus. But I was sure that all that I wanted was that everything finished soon. In that moment, I remembered that I had a way out and that my "only" way out was Jesus Christ. I made an effort in order to get out that place. In my thoughts, I began to react and, when I found myself, I was in my body again, in the room of the house, being watched by all my friends and by other people who was there. When everything seemed to be finished, something very worse would happen. The Word of the Lord says, in Luke 11:24-26:

"When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest ; and finding none, he saith, I will return unto my house whence I came out. And when he cometh, he findeth it swept and garnished. Then goeth he, and taketh to him seven other spirits more wicked than himself ; and they enter in, and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first".


When I returned to my body, I could not open my eyes. Only my spirit could see. When I tried to open my eyes, I could only see a little ray of light and also some figures of the people. I was sure that I was inside of a pity in the middle of the living room and the people were looking at me from the upstairs of the house. But there was no floor to obstruct their vision. It was something very weird...

I remember that I could talk to my friends and I asked them to bring somebody from the church, a servant of Jesus Christ. They were astounded, because they had never seen something like that. In fact, they did not know what to do. And, during the time that they were asking to each other who they would call, I was inside of that dark "pity". I was repeating several times, crying for help: "I am inside of a pity. I am imprisoned here. He is in this darkness that surrounds me. He will catch me. Take out of here immediately. Help me! Help me!"

I could hear when somebody among them said: "The women who live in the next house are "believers". Go there and called them..." The situation was becoming more complicated and serious, because, in that moment, the "warriors of the Lord" were coming on stage. They would come on stage in order to help to change that whole history and to give a new route to that battle.


The wait was an eternity. It seemed that I would never come out from that dark and frightful pity. The "fear" of being destroyed by the strength of the devil was great. However, I hoped that I would be rescued by the Lord and I was sure of that. Two young ladies arrived in the living room of the house and they saw me in that deplorable condition, completely imprisoned by the devil. They come close and began to talk to me: "How do you feel? Are you alright?" In that moment, I could only ask for something to them: "Please, pray for me, please pray, pray for me!"

So, the servants of the Lord began to pray and to shout to the Lord so that I could be set free from the prison that was tormenting me. However, the spiritual prison was terrible. I was totally "oppressed" and "possessed" by the enemy.

"Therefore I want the men everywhere to pray, lifting up holy hands without anger or disputing". (1 Timothy 2:8)

"And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it". (John 14:13-14)

When those women began to pray, I was driven by that demonic force to draw their attention and, against my will, I found myself speaking uninterruptedly, in order to interrupt the prayer. So, I perceived that something different was taking place. I began to gain forces in order to fight against that oppression... In the midst of my despair, that evil spirit showed me a "big clock", where I could see three minutes to midnight. The devil talked so loud to me: "Tell them that it is missing five minutes to midnight. Tell it to them!" I was reluctant to say that lie. I strove and I refuted him. I told him that it was not missing five minutes. I saw that it was missing three minutes and I refused to say what he wanted.

Nevertheless, I understood in that moment that, every time we fight against the darkness without being in the presence of the Lord God Almighty, we will never win. The battle will be surely lost. We will win the hosts of wickedness, the diabolic forces, only if we are truly clean and righteous before GOD. It will not be by our forces, on our own, but it will be by the power of the name of JESUS CHRIST that we will be great winners, since He will win all the battles for us.

"If I had cherished sin in my heart, the Lord would not have listened." (Psalm 66:18)

In that moment, I was an easy prey and I was under enemy's control. I was a real "devil's puppet". I never could do my will or tell what I was really seeing or what I wanted to say. I was obligated to say what he wanted, even when I tried to make an effort not to say those words. I did not have self control. I knew that the Holy Spirit was not living in me anymore. From the moment I walked away from the Lord, I was not His adorned and clean habitation anymore.

"See, I am setting before you today a blessing and a curse - the blessing if you obey the commands of the LORD your God that I am giving you today; the curse if you disobey the commands of the LORD your God and turn from the way that I command you today by following other gods, which you have not known". (Deuteronomy 11:26-28)

So, I shouted: "I see a big clock. It shows the time of the Lord's coming. The time is near! The clock shows it! The clock shows it! It shows it! Threeeeeeeee! It iiiiiiissssssss fiiiiiivvvvveeeeeee miiiiiinutes to midnight!" My voice was weak and slow, because I was making an effort not to say these words. Unfortunately, I could not do anything but what he wanted in that moment. Everybody in the living room was perplexed due to that revelation. They did not know that they were being deceived by the devil, which was simulating the wrong time for the harvest of the Lord. With this, he was becoming known the lie that there is still a long time to the return of Jesus Christ. He was inciting the people not to hurry in order to straighten their lives, their concepts, their values and the path they are "treading". With this, he was creating a false expectation of spiritual security to the ones who are afield from the Lord's ways and to the ones who did not have Jesus as their savior.

So, I learned that the principle of promptitude must be practiced every day. That is, there are two moments in our spiritual life (sowing and reaping). Both sowing and reaping require that we are ready to the good work of GOD in us, so that His name can be glorified.

"Don't you have a saying, 'It's still four months until harvest'? I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest. Even now the one who reaps draws a wage and harvests a crop for eternal life, so that the sower and the reaper may be glad together. Thus the saying 'One sows and another reaps' is true. I sent you to reap what you have not worked for. Others have done the hard work, and you have reaped the benefits of their labor." (João 4:35-38)

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