I was dead in 23 Hours
Angelica Zambrano
Part 3
Part 1

The Rapture and Tribulation

He told me, 'Daughter, I am going to show you something: How I am going to go for a holy people to Earth.  I am going to show you how the day of the Rapture will be.' We walked until we reached a place where I could observe a giant screen and people in it.  At the same time I could observe the whole world and how small it looked and then suddenly I saw how thousands were disappearing.

Pregnant women saw their pregnancy disappear and they looked like they had gone crazy screaming.  Children had disappeared everywhere and many people were running to and fro, screaming, 'This can't be, this can't be! What's happening?' And those who had known the Lord and were left behind were saying that Christ had come, that the Rapture had occurred and they screamed and wanted to kill themselves; wanted to hang themselves and so many other things, but they couldn't.

The Lord told me, 'Daughter, in those days, death will flee; Daughter, in those days the Holy Spirit will no longer be on Earth.' When the Lord said these words, I observed an enormous traffic and thousands of people.  He told me, 'Daughter, look, this is how everything will happen.' I then saw people running.  There were accidents but I could not observe a single dead person: all of them were alive, although injured.  They kept on running from one place to another, shouting, 'Christ came, Christ came!' They would plead, 'Lord, forgive me, forgive me- take me with you!' But the Lord, very sadly said, 'It' too late.  The time to repent is now.'

He told me, 'Daughter, go tell humanity to seek me, for during that time there will no longer be opportunity.  Daughter, it will be too late for all those that stay behind.' When the Lord observed how humanity was left behind, He began to weep and only said, 'Daughter, I will go to Earth as says in 1 Thes. 4: 16-17 : "For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God; and the dead in Christ shall rise first; Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air; and so shall we ever be with the Lord.".

But not everyone will go with the Lord, only those who are doing his will and living a holy life for the Lord told me,' Only those that are holy will enter the Kingdom of Heaven,' Another very important thing which he told me: 'No one knows, neither the day nor the hour in which I will go for my holy people, not even the angels know it.' As He said this, the screen which was about to close, revealed people running and magazines and TV news said that "Christ had come".  The screen closed and the Lord told me, 'I will go for a holy people.'
This was all that the Lord showed me.  From there He brought me back here to Earth,
Return to Earth
When she knew she was returning, we were there with her stretched out on the floor, waiting for her return with a moan - nothing else.  She went, 'uuhmm' - nothing else.  I said, 'Thank you, Lord, because my daughter is here now!' I knew that she was here.  All of us gave thanks to the Lord, and from then on we laughed and talked, because we knew; nothing else - just a moan.

From then on, she started breathing slowly, little by little, until about five hours had gone by and she was able to open her eyes and talk.  You could hardly understand what she was saying; it wasn't clear enough.  The first five hours she just lay there and slowly started to pick up.  She would sigh, but after the moan everything was slow.  She began sighing slowly until it normalized.

After five hours when she opened her eyes, we kept the windows shut and covered the door entrance with a big blanket.  The light was off because she couldn't stand the light at all - at all, nothing, nothing; the light would bother her.  When she began speaking after five hours, they were just words and she would get too tired; she had no strength.  And we just sat there, wondering.  We wanted to know; we wanted her to tell us quickly what she had seen, what had happened? She couldn't tell us.  She would tell us a little bit and then she would be tired.

 Two weeks went by until she was able to share her testimony, all of it.  Demons arrived to torment her after all this.  She could see them clearly.  They would be disguised in the shadows.  They were here within three days of her return and she couldn't talk yet.  She asked them what they wanted and they replied, 'We have come to make a pact with you.' She asked,' What is that pact?' They told her, 'You must shut up.  You must not say anything of what you saw down there, because if you speak, we will kill you.' She would rebuke them, but they would not leave.  She rebuked them again and suddenly, a light appeared, a tremendous light, a wonderful blessing, and then they would flee! It was the Lord, for she had no strength. 

She described the demons as ugly - very, very ugly.  They were large and fat, ugly.  She said there was no word to describe how horrible they were.  They would arrive and throw themselves upon her to choke her and she would fight back rebuking them, but she had no strength.  Then the Lord would arrive and they would leave.

The message to all humanity is to seek God.  What my daughter went through was not easy.  It's a profound message because humanity feels that what it is doing is alright.  Youth that are in drugs and alcohol nowadays think that it is alright, but it is wrong.  One of the greatest experiences that my daughter had was when she saw many entertainers in hell, including dancers, and also, Pope John Paul II.

 Then, the message is that it is time to seek the Lord, to repent and to humble oneself before Him.  What the Lord left written in his Word is real with a central message that says, 'Heaven and Earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.' The Word of the Lord will come to pass in its due time.

The Lord also showed her that tunnel where people were walking to hell.  Many people are already in hell.  Then, it is something that is real.  Even the Lord's people don't believe this- they don't believe.  But this experience that the Lord allowed my daughter to have and took her to that place is something tremendous. The message is for us to seek the Lord, to turn to him not from the lips, but from the deepest part of the heart, for the coming of the Lord is at hand.

 He told us once that He had not come out of his love for humanity, but that He was at the door and explained, 'I am no longer at the door; I am beyond the door.  I will come soon; my coming is near.  My people have left me and gone back to worldly things.' But the Lord gave us a message and told us:

'Tell my people to return to the old paths.' The church today must go back to the old paths, for we know that it is where we are in the fire: seeking the Lord.  When the trumpet sounds we must be ready to meet the Lord: It will be wonderful!
The Lord's Urgent Message

Angelica (before an audience):
The Lord told me at that moment,' Daughter, in those days the Holy Spirit will no longer be on Earth.  In those days, He will no longer be on Earth.' And I began to see an enormous traffic; I began to see accidents and how people wanted to kill themselves.  He told me, 'They shall seek death, but death shall flee from humanity.  Death will no longer be during that time.'

Suddenly, I began to see people watching TV and magazines that read, 'Thousands and Thousands have Disappeared.' Many already knew that Christ had come for his holy people.  Those people that had been left behind, who had known the Word, went crying through the streets, wanting to kill themselves, but they could not do anything.  The Lord closed the screen and told me, 'I will come for a holy people and I will come soon for my church.' That's what He told me in the Kingdom of Heaven. 

But two weeks ago the Lord said to me, 'Daughter, I take pleasure in what you are doing, that you are fulfilling what I have given you, but do not tell my people that I am coming soon.  Tell my people that I am coming right away.  'Again the Lord told me, 'Tell my people that I am coming right away and that I am coming for a holy people.  Tell my people that only the holy ones, only the holy ones will see me!' That afflicted me and he added, 'And do not be silent: Keep on declaring what I have told you.'

Angelica praying with the audience:
Close your eyes and place your right hand over your heart.  Raise your left hand and if you feel like crying, cry; and tell the Lord what you feel in heart to tell Him.  Repeat after me - all of those that are going to accept the Lord- repeat this prayer with me:
'Lord, I thank you for your love and your mercy.  I thank you, Lord, for the word that has reached my heart today.  In this hour, Father, I ask for your forgiveness.  Forgive me.  Wash me with your precious blood.  Write my name in the Book of Life.  Accept me as your child, Lord.  In this hour I forgive anyone that I had not been able to forgive.  I renounce to my lack of forgiveness.  I renounce to all that has hindered your flow and I ask you to transform me and to fill me with your presence every day.  Thank you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit; in the Name of Jesus, Amen.

This testimony is not a lie; it's not a joke; it is not a story; it is not a dream, hell is real!  Hell exists!  To anyone that does not believe, I want to tell you that hell is real, very real.  I cannot find words to tell you how real it is. I wish that you could experience it yourself.

Angelica speaking with Narrator:
"The time is soon and God allows signs to reveal to humanity what is about to happen.  Do not remain condemned; that's what the devil wants.  Have you asked yourself if you are already walking through hell's tunnel? Today is the day of salvation and for you to invite Jesus, your Savior into your life.  These are simple and yet great words to say: 'I accept you, Jesus as my Lord and my only Savior.  I give you my life and soul with all my heart.  I want to be with you for eternity."

"Take this now and choose your final destiny: Life or death, heaven or hell, Jesus or the devil.  It's clear: either you belong to Jesus or to the devil.  Either you do what is right or you do what is wrong.  You choose your destiny: eternal life or the lake of fire.  Think about it.  Take it and decide now.  Jesus Christ died on the cross for each one of us- for our sins- and He gave us the opportunity of salvation by his mercy.  Accept Christ as your only Savior.  You just heard it and you saw it.  Don' t let this moment be remembered forever while you are condemned for eternity in hell."

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