Angelica Zambrano
3rd Experience in Heaven & Hell

Angelica, an Ecuadorian girl, shares the revelation she received from God of Heaven
and Hell after a time of Prayer and Fasting.

Part 1: 3
At this time I invite my loyal friend, the Holy Spirit, may He be the One who speaks through me and may it be Him who testifies about the experience He gave me.

To be honest with you, I don't want to speak about it. Do you want to know why I don't want to speak about it? The reason is because within the church is where you find the most unbelief. It is within the church where you find the most hypocrites. It is within the church where these things exist.

I don't want to speak about it, but I have to obey God. They are very serious revelations, so if you don't understand them, ask God for understanding. I have come here to fulfil God's will and I ask for forgiveness if I offend you or if I have offended you in the past. I love you all with the love of Jesus Christ.

Please open your Bible to 2
nd Corinthians chapter 12. We will begin reading at the 1st verse and read through the 4th.

"I must go on boasting. Although there is nothing to be gained, I will go on to visions and revelations from the Lord. I know a man in Christ who fourteen years ago was caught up to the third heaven. Whether it was in the body or out of the body I do not know - God knows. And I know that this man - whether in the body or apart from the body I do not know, but God knows, was caught up to paradise and heard inexpressible things, things that no one is permitted to tell."

Amen. Let's pray: Eternal and all powerful Father, thank you for your love and mercy, thank you for your presence. Thank you for your faithfulness, Father, you are in this place. At this time I will obey your will and speak your message to your church;
That we may seek your presence in Spirit and in Truth, that we may love you Lord, and fall more deeply in love with you every day.
I ask you Father, may it be you speaking through me. To my life and to the life of everyone who hears this message. To each person who is going to watch this video, Lord, speak. Don't allow it to be me who is speaking.
I want you to speak to your church. I reject my own words; I reject them in the powerful name of Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit, I give You my words at this time; they will no longer be mine, but yours. Father, may you receive all of the honor, glory, and praise in the name of Jesus, Amen and Amen.

Now, praise Jesus because He is in this place.

I will begin testifying. Honestly, I will tell you what I told the Lord, I said:
"I have had enough Lord. Enough!" I am tired. Some people look at me as if I'm a very spiritual sister, but I am not. I am just like you, a human being with flesh and bone. But people think that I am super spiritual. I am actually a person with weaknesses that makes many mistakes. If I get pinched, it hurts. I want you to realize something... I never told Him "Lord, give me one, two, three, four, five, or a thousand experiences".
I never told Him that. God did this out of His tender mercy. Sometimes I weep; you know why? Because it is not easy, truly serving God faithfully is very beautiful, but you must be brave.

In my last experience, asking for forgiveness was something very beautiful. We all cried and embraced while I asked for forgiveness. After asking for forgiveness, the only thing that I remember is that they said the doctors had arrived. I did not open my eyes again until the Lord gave my life back. When my eyes were closed, the Lord continued ministering to me.
After this, my body began to get very cold. I did not feel normal. I was crying and praying, I said, "Lord help me". At this point, I lost ability to speak. This was approximately 12:30pm at night. I believe that's what time my experience began. The ministers and brethren were all in intercessory prayer while I had this experience.

Speakers' voice:
Angelica will now testify her experience: this is when angels took her to a heavenly viewpoint and showed her the current condition of the church.

From a heavenly viewpoint an angel said, "Look, you are seeing the earth. Look at the churches and congregations of the earth. This church has 20,000 members. There is another church with 10,000 members. This other church has 1,000. But, there are very few people in these churches that are actually the true church. Are you seeing?"

"Yes," I answered. The angel said, "I must tell you what my Father wants me to tell you." The archangel Michael was the one speaking to me. Michael said, "Look at the earth. The churches are filled with sin. There is very much sin in the churches. Many of the people are spiritually dead". I was shown that 80% of the evangelical Christian church on earth will be left behind.

My God! They will be left behind because they are cold. Because they don't seek God's presence. Because of their sin. Because they are discouraged. Only 20% will be caught up to be with Jesus, this is only for true Christians. This why His Word says, "Many are called, but few are chosen." (Matt 22:14) We are all called, but we not only must be called, we must also be chosen.

My mother and others have told me that at three in the morning I took a deep breath and then I completely stopper breathing.

Let me explain what takes place inside many of the churches. There is very much religiosity. There is no loyalty to the Word of God. Inside church, brothers and sisters happily praise the Lord. They rejoice, they dance, and they speak in tongues. But when they get home they are completely different. They act like the devil himself. This is what takes place. People go home and speak things that hurt God's heart. At home you don't pray, read God's Word or seek His presence. God does not want any of us to be left behind. It hurts me that 80% of church congregants are not ready for the Lord's return. Do you know why? Because few of the churches truly demonstrate the true love of Jesus.

There were angels around when Jesus spoke to me. The angels were silent, the Lord said, "Daughter, my heart breaks to see how many people are discouraged, to see how many people have backslid. Tell my people to return to ancient paths, to the first love".

All of us have been seeking God diligently during this 21 day fast. After this we can't look back at the past. We must press forward. The Lord promised us in His Word, He will be with us. Don't worry about the trials to come in the future. You can't imagine the trials. I have endured. Actually, all of us endured together. Although I don't know your trial, it doesn't really matter. We must press forward because only the courageous will enter in His presence. Church, when you return to your congregations you must encourage the brethren. We are one family in Christ. You must encourage them to seek God. Tell them to seek God. Reject hypocrisy.
Listen to what the Lord told me. He said. "Do you know which commandment my church has forgotten? Some think it is love. Others think its faith. The forgotten commandment within the church is holiness. My Word says, be holy for I am holy".
This is what the Lord said. We have to be holy inside and outside. We must have a pure heart, a clean heart that is filled with His presence. A heart filled with His love. A heart filled with God.

An angel approached me and asked, "Are you ready?" The Lord has sent us for this purpose. I answered, "Yes". The Lord had taken away all my fear. I told them, "I'm ready". They said, "That's good, we are awaited". This experience was different than the other two. This time I did not travel to heaven in the same manner as before. This time I instantly entered the kingdom of Heaven. When I looked around I realized I was wearing a beautiful white dress.

We began walking. At first, the angels were not speaking to me. The angels were just worshipping the Lord. The angels told me, "Look around, for we have many things to show you". I began to see some places I had seen in my first experience such as flowers and a beautiful garden. When we passed the garden we arrived to a place that was filled with children. These children were about 2 or 3 years old. They danced, played, and sang. As I looked at them the angels told me, "Look: To such as these is the kingdom of Heaven".

Remember, only for those who open their hearts. Many of these children were killed. Many of them were aborted. Their mothers took their lives. I continued to look at the children as they worshipped the Lord. They played on what appeared to me to be a swing set. I don't know how they call it in heaven. The children worshipped the Lord continuously as they played. When I began to walk toward them they approached me. They got very close to me. Michael was the angel standing closest to me. He said, "Today the Lord gives you a great love for children". Previously, I liked children, but sometimes I hated their behaviour. I didn't like to hear them cry, whine, or talk too much. I just liked them to sit still.

Michael said, "God gives you a new love for children. When you return to earth, you will be like honey to them. They will look for you and you will be a blessing to them. Do you know why God places this love in your heart for children? God wants you to win their souls. There are many children in hell. You must speak to their parents so they will know".

Many children in this generation are rebellious. They do not obey their parents. Many children may look small in stature, but their mentality will often surpass of grown adults. Do you know why this is?

Nowadays, children are being deceived by satan through the television. Most of the shows they watch do not edify in any way. Parents don't realize it but there are many kids that watch pornographic videos, the cartoons that come on TV are not educational, they are evil. Children are influenced by these shows and they become rebellious. They continually disobey their parents. For these reasons children end up in hell. The kingdom of Heaven belongs to children, but only to those children who have Jesus in their hearts.

In heaven, the children were playing, laughing, and worshiping the Lord. I had great joy to see their happiness. When the angel told me that many of them had been aborted, it really hurt my heart. You know what is sad? Many women have had abortions. Young and old, married and single. These women did not want their children. Sometimes the fathers would accompany them to the clinic. Those babies go to the presence of God, but the men and women of the earth becomes a murderer.

The Word of God says that no murderer shall enter the kingdom of Heaven. It hurt my heart to know how many women have taken the lives of their own children. How many men and women have committed this great sin! If you have done this repent today. You know why? If you do not repent and ask God for forgiveness this is what will take place on your day of judgment. Your children will come as a witness against you and say, "You were my mother, you were my father, and you took my life".

Can you imagine the pain you will feel? They love you, they forgive you, but if you do not repent of that sin, you will go to hell for eternity. Inside the church this sin has been committed.

Me and the angels with me left that place and began heading towards where Jesus was. I was very happy. When I approached the Lord he took me by the hand. When he touched my hand I felt as if I was a newborn baby being touched by a loving father. As Jesus holds my hand we began to descend towards a very dark place. I could see there were very large flames of fire. Jesus told me, "We are going towards the heart of hell". "To the heart of hell? Hell has a heart?" I said.
"Yes, my daughter, hell has a heart. I will show what is inside of it. There are many pastors, evangelists, prophets, and apostles in this place. These men once served me, but now they are in this location." I began to cry. I said, "No more Lord, I don't want to see this anymore." I felt I had already seen enough. We continued walking.

I would refer to the path we were walking through as a dark alley. We walked up to some bars, like a gate. The gate opened and we entered. When we entered I heard the voice of a man crying out. He was yelling, he said, "Father, Father, get me out of here. I can't stand being here any longer".
I asked the Lord, "Who was that? He must have known you on earth because you said you would show me people who once served you. I don't understand why he refers to you as 'Father', while he is in hell?"
The Lord told me, "He was a pastor".
The man stood there pretending to be holding a bible. The man in hell was preaching, "Repent, repent brethren, church of Christ, you must repent!" I asked, "Why is he preaching here Lord?"
The Lord said, "What people did on the earth they continue to do in this place."
When I saw this I began to cry, I asked "Why is he here? If he was a pastor why is he in this place?"
Jesus said. "Daughter, it is due to this." I was shown His life on earth as a screen appeared before me. "On earth, he was a respecter of persons. He showed partiality to people of different classes in my holy place. Showing partiality is a sin. He preached many times from the pulpit showing partiality. Showing partiality towards people of wealth, towards people who were upper class, those people had money, but they did not fear my Word. He showed partiality to those people who did not have Godly fear in their hearts."
I cried and said, "Lord, I did not know that showing partiality was a sin." He said, "Yes daughter, many people wanted to serve me and be part of his church, but he didn't allow them to participate. This pastor never repented from showing partiality. Because of this sin, many people never came to me. Because of this sin, many people never came to me. This is why he is in this place. Even here, in hell, he preaches my Word with partiality." In hell, this man would approach souls and say. "Take this, I share my bible with you, preach."
He looked at Jesus and said, "Father, I can't stand being here any longer. Take me out of this place! I don't want to sin anymore. Give me another chance!"
The Lord answered him, "There is no more opportunity for you, and you are too late". When the Lord said that, he began cursing blasphemy.
There are congregations everywhere that practice partiality. This is a sin. Every soul has an equal calling for salvation. Although it seems insignificant, partiality is a great sin. The Lord told me to tell people, "Don't practice partiality, it is a sin". I said, "Alright Lord, I want to go with the angels now."

By the way I want to mention something else. I never saw the Lord's face. I would always look at His garments or His hands, but I could never see His face. Every time I attempted to see His face I felt as if I would go blind. On many occasions I would see tears come down His garments. His sandals were gold. When tears would land on His sandals, crystals would form. Many times Jesus would begin to weep. He would weep like a child. He would say, "Daughter, my heart is in pain".
Jesus has a heart. His heart breaks when He sees us in sin. I say us, because I am including myself. God doesn't want us to sin. God desires to set us free from the bondage of sin. God wills for us to walk in the Spirit and not fulfil the lusts of the flesh. He desires for us to do great things for His kingdom.

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