'Christ in the tree'
By Carlos-S. K

I got a copy of this picture back in 1968, by a retard Medical Doctor. She told me the story of this lady who said to the Lord Jesus: "If you would show your self to me, then I would believe on you".

One day, she was outdoors a beautiful winter day. She saw this tree and there was something very special about it. It was just so beautiful in the snow when the sun was brightly shinning on it. She photographed this tree.

Later on when she went to get her pictures, the photograph dealer said there was something very unusual with one of the pictures. This picture showed a person whom she realized was the picture of the Lord Jesus Christ. But he appeared upside down on this picture.

If you check this picture, to the left you can see part of the tree, and in the middle you can see the Lord Jesus upside down, and that part of the picture is all supernatural.

                                                       Up-side-down picture

                                            Here you can see the Lord Jesus

This is a puzzle-picture. Many can see it at once; others may have to watch for a while. When you see it, you know it. It's like a flash when you see it.

The story tells the picture was photographed in 1932 in Sweden, Europe. This picture was well known among Christians in those days. I haven't got any information about who this lady was. If there is anyone of you reading this who have more information about this picture, would you please contact me, that would be great!

Thank you!
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